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This week’s online pick ‘n’ mix: Best of the Web

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Luckily when it comes to Best of the Web, there’s no need. You know the drill, so here’s what caught our eyes this week. Get comfortable, because given the mess that’s been made of the new British passport design, you’ll probably want to postpone renewing yours for the foreseeable future.

An interview with Jeff Wall, one of the pioneers of conceptual photography and seller of a $3,346,456 photograph at Christie’s, New York in 2012. (Will)

David Lynch’s minimal language, both in script and off-screen, unpicked by The New Yorker. (Alex)

Olly Wainwright discusses the “many design blunders” in the new UK passport in The Guardian this week. “The UK has some of the world’s best graphic minds. They should be put to work designing something Britons can be proud to carry around the globe, not another forgettable piece of design-by-committee.” (Beccy)

Sir David Attenborough narrates Adele’s ‘Hello’. (Jessica)

From Proust to Virginia Woolf, a run-through of the top 10 memorable meals in literature. (Alex)

In 2016, beauty will make a comeback in design and architecture – the thoughts of Stefan Sagmeister. (Will)

Ed Ruscha on his work in and about Los Angeles. (Billie)

Great behind-the-scenes photographs of the new James Bond film sets taken by Anderson and Low. (Jamie)

While everyone sheds a tear over the much-anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert, it’s easy to forget other retailer’s festive efforts. This series from Curry’s PC World sees Jeff Goldblum offer a little acting advice to those who haven’t quite received the gift they wanted. Admittedly, the humour is a little hit and miss at times but it’s Jeff bloody Goldblum! (Simon)

Business of Fashion have excerpted an article borne of a series of revealing and intimate conversations between fashion critic Cathy Horyn and Raf Simons in the weeks leading up to his departure from Dior. In Horyn’s article for System magazine, Simons speaks candidly about the pace of fashion, his life and his future. "I don’t want to do collections where I’m not thinking,” he says. Days later he announced he was stepping down from Dior for “personal reasons.” (Alex)