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What’s good on the internet? What’s the best more like! Here’s the Best of the Web

God only knows where the time goes, but here we are again. It’s Friday, it’s the finest things we’ve seen on the internet things we saw online in the last seven days: that’s right, it’s the Best of the Web.

Morgan Freeman reads out Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself. (Jamie)

This feature about meetings is so good I almost want to have a meeting with everyone to tell them about it. (Emily)

The exhibition on Edward Johnston’s typeface at the Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft opens this weekend, and this article from The Guardian delves deeper into what the designer was actually like, citing him as the “ultimate purist” when it came to typography. (Beccy)

From the woman who spent more than $5000 on new clothes to the one who wore Doc Martens, what 13 people wore to interview with Anna Wintour. (Alex)

The New Yorker reviews the Barbican’s new photography show, curated by Martin Parr. (Billie)

With the film adaptation of J.G Ballard’s novel High-Rise released next week, Mark Kermode talks to the director Ben Wheatley about his influences. (Beccy)