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Best of the Web – our readers get their teeth into the Subway rebrand

As the Olympics strides into its second week — all the running and jumping into sand starts soon — we have ring fenced Best of the Web into a Games-free zone. Instead of tales of athletic prowess, the team at 21 Downham Road has gathered stories about air hockey, Saul Bass and anti-drowning devices for you to enjoy. Our Hot Topic this week is the Subway rebrand, which caused quite a stir when we reported it on Monday and gave our social media manager an opportunity to use puns galore. Enjoy!

“The quickening of your own heartbeat as you bend into a goaltending crouch, clutching a little resin sombrero.” Incredible piece on “the high stakes game” that is air hockey from The New Yorker (Billie)

Sarah Gless’ analysis of the brilliant Stranger Things titles. (Alice)

The Exorcist was film title designer Dan Perri’s big break, and Saul Bass was his mentor. In this short documentary filmed in his studio, he shows alternate designs to his titles for Star Wars and gives insight to his process. Fascinating stuff. (Jenny)

I know there’s been lots of this stuff before, but this collection of pano photos gone wrong is the stuff of nightmares. (Karl)

This is pretty mindblowing from Google and the FT (Julian)

A joyously melancholy animated tale of two automatons getting to grips with notions of love, mortality and existence in their dystopian world, by first year animation student Dennis Sungman Kim. (Jamie G)

Gymnastic Parents. I really like this approach to editorial — it’s a simple idea well executed. (Jamie M)

These anti-drowning devices from the 1800s – they are completely mad, but ingeniously designed nevertheless. (Connor)

Hot Topic

Hungry designers with an appetite for brand redesigns relished in Subway’s new logo this week. Needless to say the result was a footlong of responses on our Twitter feed. Here are some of the best.

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