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Cloudy with a chance of Best of the Web

What better way to end a week full of ups and downs weather-wise than with a big sunny helping of Best of the Web. This week we take a look at Jim Carrey’s foray into the art world, a series of unbelievably-timed photographs and The New Yorker’s achievement stickers created especially for freelancers.

Jim Carrey shares his artwork in new mini doc. (Indi)

And a review of sorts of Jim’s work from The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones. (Beccy)

A clothing brand wants to reclaim the swastika… (Will)

Erwin Wurm’s Fat House has been installed in Vienna. (Owen)

Procrastinate by scrolling through these amazing photos (thanks David Vintiner for this one). (Jenny)


David Vintiner

Freelance achievement stickers from The New Yorker. (Marianne)

New York-based Pakistani designer Nashra Balagamwala created a board game to avoid her arranged marriage. (Jenny)

Gavin Turk and wife Deborah Curtus have curated a duo of interlinking exhibitions at the Bowes Museum. (Simon)

A video about the colour purple (below) and what we use it for. (Beccy)

An in-depth look at the gender pay gap in design. (Beccy)

The creepy sounds of Twin Peaks have been made into an album, reports Dazed. (Jenny)

Stiletto-roller skates – terrible idea. (Simon)

Getting more and more excited to watch It now thanks to Dean Mayo Davies’ interview with Bill Skasgard! (Lucy)

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