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Hello, and welcome! To this week’s Best of the Web

Hello, and welcome! In the week that saw Shia LaBeouf spend five days in a cinema furiously masturbating over films of himself, we are here to bring you all the other interesting stuff that’s appeared online in the last seven days. Next week: a web post about us reading our own web posts without sleeping for four days straight, and eating nothing but Saucy BBQ Space Raiders.

Interesting piece on The Independent that looks at the John Lewis ad. “Is its heart in the right place? Or does it communicate corporate, materialistic, self-interest values under the guise of charity?” (Emily)

You can now watch Earth from the International Space Station live, in HD! Fully recommended if you’re suffering from creative block, or need some perspective on the enormity of our little blue world. (Social Simon)

Alexis Petridis visits Prince in his studio in Minneapolis for The Guardian and his experience is as surreal and bizarre as you’d imagine . “There is a lot of purple. The symbol that represented Prince’s name for most of the 90s is everywhere.” (Beccy)

The New York Times celebrates radio host Terry Gross, who has conducted over 13,000 interviews during a 40-year career and has people dreaming of being interviewed by her (“My No. 1 fantasy of all time is to be interviewed by Terry Gross”). Her interviews have  been compared to therapy sessions, and she admits, ‘‘My ideal as an interviewer is to be the person who gets it.” (Alex H)

Serial’s Sarah Koenig goes into detail about the series, and how its unprecedented success impacted her life in this feature on Vogue.

Port takes a look inside the new Donald Judd exhibition in New York. (Callum)