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Get your pout on, it’s Valentine’s weekend, and it’s the Best of the Web

Love is in the air! Or perhaps it isn’t. But while you can’t always rely on Cupid, you can always rely on the internet being a constant source of distraction from, say, the partner you’ve fallen out of love with, your eternal singledom, or that strange itching in your trousers. So we’ve drawn together the best things we’ve seen on the internet this week for you to read as you cry into your old friends Ben and Jerry, or whatever else you might be doing this weekend.

Guy uses a sweater to turn into a turkey. (obvs) (Ali)

Some good documentaries on the iPlayer at the moment. Recommend The Great Gangster Film Fraud and Queen of Versailles. Golden Ages of Circus is meant to be great too. All from the Storyville series. (Karl)

Interesting piece on Creative Review about how Nike talks to women. (Emily)

Dazed have revamped their Dazed 100. (Ali)

Extensive piece on Uber’s rebrand. (Will)

If you feel like flexin’ your creativity on something a bit more musical, have a bash on the Sampulator. (Simon)

For those that haven’t visited it this film is in the Eames exhibition at the end.
It is short but poignant regarding ‘stuff’ most of us probably think about everyday. Worth a watch I reckon. (Julian)

Guardian readers design a better logo for Premier League. (Karl)

This is a grammatically correct sentence in Iceland. (Ali)

New from Smorgasboard, and it’s promoting Wales! Looms smart. (Will)

For all you Simpsons nuts, Celia Gómez has created this massive supercut, which edits together the show’s iconic movie references over the years. (Beccy)

Kanye West has unleashed his new album on the world. This site lets you redesign the cover. (Owen)