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12 May 2017
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The days are definitely getting longer, with sunset turning up around half eight all pink-hued and casual, of course with a cocktail in hand. While you wait for the sky turn into shepherd’s delight, check out this week’s Best of the Web where we have numerous nuggets of internet fun. From free avocado toast to a device that turns colour into smells, there’s something for everyone.

Something to ease you into the weekend. (Simon)

This is the best thing: a hilarious reminder that everyone lies on social media. (Jenny)

This is mental. An estate agents in Australia is offering free avocado toast for a year with a house. (Lucy)

Michele Gondry has directed this epic ad (below) for Pandora (not the jewellery brand) that runs though famous album covers. (Beccy)

A troubling look inside the “coffin homes” of Hong Kong. (Owen)

A friend of mine who runs Gass Records has launched their new website designed by Nejc Prah… Mamiko is moving the label from solely music to working with visual artists as well – Nejc and Mattis Dovier are both on her “roster” already. (Rob)

A scientist discovered a new blue pigment, the first since 1802, and now Crayola are making it into a crayon and holding a competition to name it. (Jenny)

Australian photographer Ray Collins’ seascapes are set in infinite motion with these cinemagraphs (below) by Rotterdam-based cinematographer Armand Dijcks. (Beccy)

This is very cool. (Callum)

New online magazine Foreigner aims to “rebrand the foreigner as a positive and aspirational figure” through interviews with well-known and fascinating individuals from all backgrounds. (Jenny)

Here’s a device that translates colours into smells. You should steer clear from brown though, amiright? (Simon)

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