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Best of the Web, your antidote to Friday the 13th!

It’s Friday the 13th and while you might try to avoid black cats, opening umbrellas indoors and walking under ladders every other day – today is the day where anything can happen so it’s best to stay away from any Final Destination scenarios and just hide. While you work on making your panic room or den for the day, take a read of this week’s Best of the Web, which can only bring you good luck and happiness. We’ve got a student film for Adidas, an interview with Pablo Escobar’s son and some cats peeking out windows. Stay safe and read on!

“Trump urges spy agencies to lay off Russia and focus on threat posed by actresses” LOL. (Jenny)

AMAZING catch-up interview with Sarah Cracknell from Saint Etienne in i-D after she graced the sound issue in 1993! Watching the Nothing Can Stop Us video again made me remember that she is one of the coolest women ever. The reissue of their album Foxbase Alpha is out today and I wish it was 1991… (Lucy)

Max Knight’s 10 year-long project Cats in Windows sees him photograph, you guessed it, cats in windows. (Beccy)


Max Knight: Cats in Windows


A fascinating obituary for Harris Lewine, an art director who Design Observer says "launched the careers of Seymour Chwast, Herb Lubalin, Milton Glaser, and Louise Fili.” (Jenny)

Who needs a green screen? How the special effects in silent movies were created (Owen)

Hyperallergic have published one in a series of essays about the #J20 Art Strike, due to take place on Trump’s inauguration day. (Beccy)

An interview with Pablo Escobar’s son, who is now a successful architect. (Jenny)

This film (below) is doing the rounds on social at the moment. Done by a student for Adidas it’s had nine million+ views so far. (Will)

The most heartwarming thing ever (Lucy)

This man is committed to knitting and travel. He is an inspiration. (Owen)

Michael Johnson, founder of johnson banks, and one of the studio’s designers Leanne Kitchen, went around taking photos of all the dead Christmas trees, which, seen together, are pretty funny and pretty depressing at the same time. (Jenny)

The video game E.T, The Extraterrestrial for Atari 2600 is considered one of the biggest flops in gaming history. Here the game’s designer, Howard Scott Warshaw, tells the story of this good but bad video game (below). (Beccy)

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Zebu is an illustration and mural duo from Berlin and its Insta feed is full of top notch stuff.

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Brian Finke

If exceptional photography capturing body building competitions and events such as the Ms. Senior American Pageant sound like your kinda thing, look no further than Brian Finke.

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Cecile Gariepy

If Cecile Gariepy’s creations don’t make you smile, you’re dead inside.

Elias Hanzer

If you fancy some solid graphic and type design filling up your feed, we recommend you follow Elias Hanzer.

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Tanawat Sakdawisarak

Tanawat Sakdawisarak created some lovely works for our feature on creative distraction last week, you should follow him on Instagram if you like what you see here.