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Say what? It’s Best of the Web!

If you’ve got some time to spare before going off to your fancy weekend soirees and dancing your cares away, check out this week’s Best of the Web for a bit of light reading. This time we’ve got Craig David spilling the goss about his infamous 7 Days tune, Wim Wenders talking about his Polaroids, and photographs of some very symmetrical bowling alleys. Enjoy!

Bill Wurtz being as weird and funny as always. (Ruby)

“When a group of anonymous protesters show up at rallies across the United States wearing pointy black hats, people pay attention.” Fascinating article in Topic, with photos by Lauren Lancaster, about the protestors. (Jenny)

Craig David fills everyone in on 7 Days in this week’s Story Behind the Song on The Telegraph. (Marianne)

A couple of cats just harmeownising (below) in Foreign Fauna’s very strange but very funny animation. (Beccy)

Wim Wenders talks to The Guardian about his iconic Polaroids, about to be exhibited at the Photographers’ Gallery. (Jenny)

Mark Zuckerberg won’t sleep easy tonight because Taylor Swift is going to launch her own social network later this year. (Owen)

The art of a New York film festival poster. (Simon)

Some very satisfying photographs (below) of bowling alleys in southern Germany by Robert Götzfried. (Beccy)


Robert Götzfried: Bowling Alleys

A Bigger Picture is a site by designer Joe Cole Porter, consisting of 80 unseen short films of David Hockney made by Bruno Wollheim, who also directed the 2009 BBC documentary about the artist. (Jenny)

Tomorrow, the Playhouse Theatre Derry/Londonderry is hosting the first live performance of a play inside Minecraft video. (Simon)

Emma Thompson adds to the Weinstein conversation in typically poignant and eloquent fashion. (Lucy)

If you’re in Lausanne this weekend, you should head along to the ECAL Photography exhibition Augmented Photography, featuring work from Maxime Guyon, Calum Douglas and others. There’s also a really nice book to go with it. (Connor)

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