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Well shut the advent calendar door, it’s the Best of the Web!

You’re already four chocolates down and no closer to starting any useful Christmas shopping. However, you HAVE ordered five miniature allotments (your family will love them!) and managed to put on a cool five pounds round the tum. To celebrate this, and our new found ability to address ourselves in the second person, we bring you that weekly font of online good cheer, the Best of the Web!

Nice post from David Pearson on collecting old printed ephemera, stamps etc. (Jamie)

The CPFTGTV S01E02 podcast is out! It comprises a mega-mix of apocalyptic compositions from various musicians and a bricolage of found footage, video experiments and animations from Sean Stubbs, Tim Ward and many more and it’s ruddy incredible. (Emily)

Just discovered the Monocle Big Interview series. In the latest episode Bloomfield sits down with architect Daniel Libeskind. (Will)

Just popping this in as it’s the first time I’ve read the phrase “manic pixie dream grans” and I think that’s rather brilliant. Interesting Guardian article all about kooky nans in film. (Emily)

John Waters picks his favourite films of 2015. (Alex H)

I won’t only post football things on here, I promise, but I do like this list of the worst xmas themed football gifts you can buy this year. Everton FC perfume anyone? (Owen)

Superb interview on The Quietus with the very-much-NOT-naff Enya, dubbing her music some of the most successful avant-garde pop of all time. (Emily)