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14 July 2017
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Congratulations to you for getting through another week of work, and if you didn’t – don’t worry, we’re sure no one noticed. As a little treat, we’ve got this week’s Best of the Web to peruse. In this edition we’ve got the origins of Lego’s logo, a 2006 interview with Massimo Vignelli and a look back at the faded glamour of redecorated rooms in the BBC classic Changing Rooms.

This lets you measure a room with your phone! Made with Google’s ARKit. (Marianne)

Issue two of “low quality” cycling zine The Coefficient of Drag is out and this one “contains zero articles about tech or stats or expensive package holidays”. All photos have been shot on a Nokia 2210. (Ayla)

This House of Holland x Cadbury collection is just, well, something. (Jenny)

Co Design republished its fascinating 2006 interview with Massimo Vignelli. (Simon)

Super sweet, colourful and collaged new lyric video (above) for Amadou & Mariam’s new single, Filaou Bessame. (Lucy)

The Guardian looks at the art deco poster designs being produced in Australia during the 1930s, which capture the modernisation and development happening in the country at the time. (Beccy)

The blue and white sari worn by Mother Teresa has been trademarked, reports The Guardian. (Owen)

This is a fascinating short film (below) about Coca-cola’s failed OK Soda and Advertisings relationship with post-modernism. (Julian)

A look back at the drawing board setup of classic animators. (Beccy)

The evolution of the Lego logo explored over the years. (Owen)

A hypnotic art installation turning 4G network browsing into music, made by Andrius Šarapovas. (Jenny)

The Pool says Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled is a triumph of the female gaze. (Lucy)

13 Changing Rooms designs that haven’t aged that well. (Marianne)

Haim’s new video works just as well to Fat Les’ football classic Vindaloo (Lucy)

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