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14 October 2016
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It’s time for Best of the Web again, on schedule like an elaborate Swiss cuckoo clock carved in the fresh air of the snowy Alps. Instead of precise gears and mechanisms, there’s cogs of art, design and culture whirring inside, chiming together to create a harmonious bird call of news and interesting things. We’ve got it all this week including the truth behind Supreme’s Future Bold Italic typeface, some misgivings about Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature and the classic phone game Snake also makes a come back. If that’s not enough we’ve got a list of great people to follow on social media to while away those precisely kept minutes and hours.

Three cases where women were “asking for” something horrible to happen to them, ridiculed excellently by Lucy Mangan (Jenny).

Walker Art Center talks to Eric Timothy Carlson, the guy who designed the artwork for Bon Iver’s new album. (Beccy)

Bored of the US election? The people behind this site were, so decided to explain some of the legislation that will affect the people of California and why they might want to vote on them. Nice idea. We could have done with something like this in the run up to the Brexit vote. (Owen)

Finally, the “murky truth” behind Supreme’s Future Bold Italic font. A history of streetwear fonts awaits you here. (Bryony)

Snake has been reimagined for the modern, yet retro-loving, age by The Collected Works. (Beccy)

Today BBC’s 6 Music is dedicating its entire schedule to songs from 1979, and even reporting music news as if we’ve gone back in time to then. So far they’ve played Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, Chic, Talking Heads, the Police… basically it’s brill. (Jenny)

Photographer Riaz Phillips is documenting London’s best Caribbean spots and the people who run them. (Bryony)

The Apprentice is back, in the UK at least, as Donald Trump seems to be busy in the US at the moment. GQ has evaluated the male candidate’s dress sense, because, in business it seems, image is everything. (Owen)

Mark Rittman spent 11 hours trying to make a cup of tea with a Wi-Fi kettle and it went crazy on Twitter, probably because people love to hate the internet of things. (Jenny)

The New York Times ran an opinion piece this week on why Bob Dylan “does not deserve the Nobel Prize in Literature”. (Eva)

Faye Moorhouse

Illustrator Faye Moorhouse has taken up the challenge to paint 100 not so famous celebrities in her project #100failedfamousfaces. You can send requests over on her Instagram.

Joe Gamble

We featured Joe Gamble and his fun new book Kick Off! on the site this week. His Instagram feed is just as enjoyable.

A photo posted by Joe Gamble (@josephgamble) on

Jozef Ondrick

If typography experiments and some pretty solid graphic design tickles your fancy, Jozef Ondrink is your man.

A photo posted by Jozef Ondrik (@jozefondrik) on

Kelly Beeman

Kelly Beeman is bringing a fresh perspective to the age old craft of fashion illustration. Worth a follow if you love clothes and handsome humans in painted form.

Eric Yahnker

Artist Eric Yahnker is adding his voice to the political happenings over in the USA. Worth following to see what hilarious creations he comes up with.

A photo posted by Eric Yahnker (@ericyahnker) on

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