All we want for Christmas is... Best of the Web!

15 December 2017
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Ah Best of the Web, it’s a bit like Christmas pudding – you don’t think you fancy a wedge of it dripping with cream, but when it’s plonked in front of you, you always manage to find the strength to plunge that spoon into the bowl and devour it. “Why don’t we eat this everyday?!” You cry with clumps of dried fruit clinging to your chin – well it’s very fattening, and the best things in life happen in weekly installments. As such, this week’s Best of the Web, and the last of the year, is a (Christmas) cracker.

This opinion piece by Selma Hayek on her experiences of constant harassment while working with Weinstein is astonishing, brutal, and brave. (Bryony)

Apparently being a professional bar mitzvah hype man is now a thing! (Ruby)

Grey London has created a feminist album of rewritten Christmas hymns designed to stick it to the patriarchy and raise money for women in need with all proceeds going to women’s charity, Refuge. (Jenny)

Dan Covert’s short film 60 Years of Logos: Chermayeff & Geismar (above) features the last interview with Ivan Chermayeff before his recent passing. (Lucy)

Time Magazine’s video interviewing the women involved in its Person of the Year 2017 story. (Ruby)

Why the team behind Sesame Street created a character with autism. (Marianne)

An algorithm was trained on all of the Harry Potter books to then write its own content. (Emily)


Elinor Carucci for The New Yorker

The New Yorker speaks to the photographer behind the Cat Person image (above), asking her how she captured a bad kiss on camera. (Beccy)

Erich Tabuchi’s Atlas of Forms is a great online archive of some of the world’s most interesting buildings, organised according the their sculptural qualities. (Ruby)

Instagram’s favourite New Yorker cartoons of 2017. (Simon)

Topic has worked with Hugo & Marie to create an online advent calendar exploring the meaning of the word “gifted”. Stories include a 12-part comedic series starring the brilliant Maria Bamford. (Jenny)

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