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Woop de doo da, here it is: it’s the Best of the Web

Lots of bits and bobs here from the internet, all drawn together (“curated”) by the nine discerning eyes of It’s Nice That’s editorial team. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy crafting the intro to this post each week, if not more!

From their winter issue, Dazed has put its feature with Anjelica Huston up online. She tells the mag: “Witches are the most honest expression of female anger. Most of the time we’re trying to keep everything aloft with our smiles and our prettiness and our effort, but witches are letting it all hang out.” (Beccy)

i-D has re-published their 1994 interview with Blur. (Billie)

Get lost in Time Magazine’s Top 10 of Everything 2015, from logo changes to selfies they’ve got it covered. (Will)

Super simple idea but with huge thinking behind it to make it work the Smart Bandage signals infection by turning fluorescent. (Will)

The Guardian talks to actor turned performance artist Shia LeBeouf and his collective about why they’re in Liverpool talking calls from random members of the public. (Beccy)

Freunde von Freunden feature the secluded country home and incredible work of a father and daughter in the Netherlands. (Billie)

Can we escape the diabolical clichés of Coldplay? Amanda Petrusich on the band who rile the cynical hobgoblin latent in [her] being. (Billie)