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15 July 2016
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Welcome one, welcome all: it’s another weekly showcase of the very finest things to be found on the internet this week. We’ve also drawn together your most prescient comments on social media, and a handy list of the people you should be following online.

San Francisco-based design agency Manual has a new showreel, which just ain’t bad (Connor)

Wolf Alice’s latest single Lisbon is accompanied by this music video which features some darkly quirky, Tim Burton-esque animation from Eat the Danger (Jamie G)

Really enjoyed reading Jon Rowlandson’s article on Medium about branding an F1 team.
I used to work with Jon at NB Studio. Hi Jon! (Karl)

HOLY SHIT (Callum)

Explore Georgia O’Keeffe’s New Mexico pad in 360 with the Tate (Jess)

TV reporter John Doyle joins the beginnings of the Glastonbury Festival and documents the First Pyramid Stage. This has some amazing footage (Charlie)

Gilbert Blecken is a photographer who’s shot one of the most beautiful pics of Damon Albarn I’ve ever seen (and hell, I’ve seen A LOT). Now he’s decided to publish a site dealing with his “40 minutes with Nirvana”, which shows off all of the previously unpublished photos as well. (Emily)

This piece Vogue have done on Rodney Mullen is pretty cool (Tim)

Nice article written as part of Somerset House’s Utopia shows. Crazy to think about these possible changes. (Karl)

I’ve gotten really into these photographers – a French duo who take loads of pictures of dogs looking at sunsets. (Connor)

Filmmakers Richie Georgie have released the fifth and final video in their series of short films focusing on little-known retired sporting heroes talking about their lives and achievements. All five are currently being exhibited at Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch until 3 August. (Jamie G)

Hot Topic

Over the past few weeks we’ve had some heavy hitting hot topics: referendum reactions, anti-smoking design and some classic logo re-design backlash. In the favour of a more light hearted Friday, here’s you lot losing your shit to an invention which allows designers to detect font sizes and typefaces.

Who To Follow

A little roundup of interesting people you might want to follow on the social medias and maybe in real life. Only kidding, that’s weird.

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