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Ding dong, it’s Best of the Web!

The bells of Best of the Web are ringing and they signal the start of the weekend, so tune into their harmonious chimes and get stuck into a collection of great stuff on the internet. We’ve got people breaking valuable artworks, a brief history of animation and a look back at the movie Fatal Attraction with its cast. Enjoy!

If anyone hasn’t seen/is planning on seeing the California exhibition at the Design Museum, they’ve made these podcasts as an accompaniment. (Marianne)

A woman damages £152k worth of art trying to take a selfie in a gallery. (Beccy)

Flat File. A weekly publication featuring one piece of graphic design at a time. Every design piece featured here comes from the vast collection of work in the Herb Lubalin Study Center. (Dan)

A VHS compilation of early computer animations (below) from a programme called Computer Visions. (Simon)

A load of kids talk about their new school uniforms on The Guardian. (Beccy)

“Allen is described as ‘an actor’s director’ – code for the reality that he offers his performers little or no guidance.” Interesting piece on Woody Allen. (Marianne)

Just look at author Danielle Steel’s desk, next level. (Lucy)

Although old, I was reminded of this rude/hilarious video (above) of The Count von Count from The Muppets this week. (Lucy)

The BBC speaks to Gilbert & George about partnerships, inspiration and revisiting the past. (Simon)

The New York Times speaks to the cast and filmmakers of Fatal Attraction about the movie and the aftermath. (Jenny)

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