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The LAST EVER Best of the Web (of 2015)

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and boy have we procrastinated in the name of finding the very best of the web. And here it is, once more, but for the final time for the whole joyful 365-day period you and I call “2015.” Bye old friend, you’ve been a rollercoaster.

The Guardian’s Oliver Wainwright picks his top ten architecture and design highlights of 2015, from Grayson Perry’s House for Essex to the Fondazione Prada designed by Rem Koolhaas (Alex H)

Possibly the best name for an end of year feature from Bloomberg BusinessweekThe Jealousy List 2015 where editors, writers, designers, and producers choose their favourite articles from outside Bloomberg. (Will)

In this article from The Guardian they hail 2015 as the year of the newsletter, citing Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter as the stand out example. (Beccy)

The New Yorker’s Shouts & Murmurs strikes again with an essential list of apps to download in 2016. The list includes uHuh, an app that provides responses to your narcissistic friends such as “Really?!” and “No Way!” as you multitask (Billie)

“This is amazing,” says INT Works’ Callum, who’s working very hard at the moment in-between pretending he’s driving someone else’s car on Google maps (Callum)

Ally, a project manager over at INT Works, wrote us this powerful summary of festive site Yule Log: “I saw this and thought it was nice / fun.” (Ally)

If Christmas cheer has all got a bit much, take solace in this. “It made me laugh. But perhaps a bit too dark,” says INT Works head of creative Karl Toomey. It is dark, but boy is it funny. (Karl)