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Like a warm embrace, it’s Best of the Web!

So Valentine’s Day has been and gone, and if your love levels were a little lacklustre/non-existent this year, fear not because Best of the Web is here to cradle you like the parent or guardian who loves you no matter what.

This week’s edition is a box of delights including a redesigned straw from McDonald’s, a cover of a 90s classic using only Windows XP sounds and Wolfgang Tillmans’ friends asking him about his career. So put down the strawberries and cream Lindor chocs you bought yourself, and indulge in this instead! We’ve also got a love-themed line-up of who to follow on social media, could they be your new crush?

London-based Hilow Films has made this powerful short about 93-year-old gay activist George Montague’s struggle for an official apology over his arrest in 1974 under anti-gay laws. What a man. (Bryony)

Baby pandas! Now that I’ve got your attention, check out this interview with American photographer and World Press Photo Award winner Ami Vitale on her incredible series Pandas Gone Wild. (Jenny)

Nokia 3310 is set for a comeback! (Lucy)


McDonald’s J-shaped straw

McDonald’s has redesigned the straw (above) for maximum milkshake consumption. (Beccy)

A start-up from MIT Media lab has made a device that turns car exhaust pollution into ink. (Jenny)

James Nielssen has covered Smashmouth’s 1999 classic All Star using sounds from Windows XP. Incredible. (Ali)

Since seeing Woolf Works, I couldn’t be any more obsessed with choreographer Wayne McGregor. Here’s a video from his version of Chroma, featuring Laura Morera and the inimitable Eric Underwood dancing to The White Stripe’s The Hardest Button to Button. (Bryony)

30-year fortune cookie fortune writer steps down, citing writer’s block. (Beccy)

This guy scammed his way into London’s private members clubs. (Lucy)

Thomas Harnett O’Meara made a brilliant animated trailer (below) for the Hockney show at Tate Britain. (Jenny)

Various Artists is a new website that invites prominent visual creatives, from graphic designers to architects, ceramicists and animators, to share their relationship with music. (Jenny)

To celebrate his second Tate retrospective, i-D has got Wolfgang Tillmans’ friends and collaborators to ask him one question about his life and career. (Beccy)

The history behind Miu Miu’s Rootstein mannequins. (Jess)

Too often, the art world associates genius and talent with men, says The Pool’s Matilda Battersby. (Jenny)

Who to follow

As you know, this week featured Valentine’s Day, and there was no shortage of creative minds sharing the love. Below we’ve picked some of our faves. Apologies in advance to anyone who despises love, roses, soppy poems or any form of PDA.

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