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Summer is here! Sometimes! For the times that it isn’t, best get yourself indoors and on the internet. But what to browse? Here’s It’s Nice That’s suggestions from across the world wide web.

Walk on water: Christo floats 3km path across Italy’s Lake Iseo. (Karl)

Don’t forget it’s Father’s Day this Sunday (in the UK at least), and Nice and Serious has created this video exploring what it means to be a dad. (Emily)

Cats Versus Cucumbers: To celebrate World Cucumber Day (yes that’s a thing) Hendrick’s Gin has released a pretty bizarre ad by Splendid Communications about how to protect cats from their nemeses, cucumbers. (Jenny)

How to brush up and geek out on your lighting techniques. (Jamie)

Matthew Britton has created a mad new collaborative drawing website, which lets you draw
over a video with the rest of the internet. Very addictive stuff. (Emily)

Some fun bits and camera tricks in this music video. (Karl)

Karma. (Jamie)

The New Tate Modern opens today and the Guardian’s architecture critic has taken a look around the stunning new building. (Owen)

Shura has collaborated with photographer Hollie Fernando on a new zine full of arty black-and-white shots on tour masking taped in, and handwritten lyrics, along with overlayed illustrations from Louise Z Pomeroy. Her interactive illustrated website is looking pretty great too! (Jamie Green)

Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy has written a lovely poem for Tracey Emin and the stone she recently married. (Beccy)

Hot Topic

Design can do many things, but can it be the solution to one of the world’s biggest addiction problems? We’re talking smoking here people, and when the Australian government commissioned research agency GfK Bluemoon to develop ideas for the most unappealing cigarette packaging design possible, they came to the conclusion that “Pantone colour 448C was the answer.”:
Here are some of your thoughts on the matter.

Who to Follow


Zeitguised is a consultancy studio for synthetic art and design from Berlin. Its Instagram feed is addictive. You’ve been warmed.

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A South London art and design practice with a feed full of great design and funny moments IRL.

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Animade made it into the top ten most liked images on It’s Nice That’s Instagram feed last year. If you follow them you’ll be updated with some pretty mad animation projects and test teasers.

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The one poster a day project from Karin Idering has already had a whole load of hype on It’s Nice That this week. But we feel compelled to once again to point you in the direction of Karin’s feed.

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