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From New York to Springfield, it’s Best of the Web

Welcome back to your trusty, funny, slightly random friend, Best of the Web!

This week’s edition doesn’t really have a theme of sorts, it’s just a collection of nice nuggets found in pockets of the web. From some sassy and sweet pictures of a pregnant dachshund, and architecture from the town of Springfield, to someone spending a hefty sum on a very famous painting, there’s plenty to enjoy!

Since Nicki Minaj “broke the internet” for Paper the parodies have been coming thick and fast. Luckily, Nicki has gathered them all in one place. (Owen)

Remembering Brittany Murphy in the month she would’ve turned 40. (Lucy)

The ever mysterious Jai Paul & brother A.K Paul have bought the old BBC building in White City and are turning it into a new space to house a “growing collective of musicians, artists, and technologists”. (Simon)

Vicki Miller’s photos of her pregnant dachshund (below) are set to outdo Beyonce. (Jenny)


Hassan Hajjaj’s photographs of Cardi B for New York Magazine are incredible. (Jenny)

What the Simpsons’ house would look like in different architectural styles. (Beccy)

Sad Topographies: By far the best/most depressing thing I’ve found on Instragram all week. (Will)

Crazy layered time-lapse of the New York City skyline (below) by Julian Tryba based on Einstein’s theory of relativity. (Ruby)

Greggs X Boiler Room. A partnership that got the masses extremely excited, before crushing their dreams at the realisation that it was in fact a joke. (Will)

This week’s episode of This American Life tells the hilarious/ludicrous story of when David Slater was sued by a monkey over copyright for his image of said monkey taking a selfie. Poor Dave! (Lucy)

The most expensive painting sold, ever – a whopping £341m! (Ruby)

A preview of some of the rejected images from The Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize. (Simon)

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot (below) has learnt to fucking backflip. (Harry)

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