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Come digital natives, come all: it’s the Best of the Web

Surely there are very few things more irritating than people who say “interwebs” when they actually mean “internet.” They’re the same sort of people that say “noms” when they really mean “food.” So here it is, the Best of the Web, with no “inter” in sight, thanks all the same.

If you thought MS Paint was old school, it ain’t got nothing on Art Alive – Sega’s 1991 art-game epic. I stumbled across it last night and once you figure out the controls it’s pretty darn funny / frustratingly bad. I feel Photoshop are missing out on the whole “music as you draw” aspect. (Simon)

I thought Labradoodle or Fried Chicken was a fleeting internet sensation but with it was with much delight I discovered Puppy or Bagel and my personal favourite Sheepdog or Mop# (Will)

Interview doing what Interview does best. Here, Fran Lebowitz tells artist Francesco Clemente about handwriting her film column between midnight and 7am before her morning deadlines in the 70s, outright refusing to be edited by ​_The New York Times_​, and her aversion to New York tourists. "I’d like to be the admissions director of New York. And you know what we have enough of? Bankers. I’m sorry, we’re full up. No, no, no. You have an idea for an app? Go to California.” (Alex H)

MIT Media Lab’s Journal of Design and Science (Julian)

Jonathan Meades reviews Observer architecture critic Rowan Moore’s new book. Full of exquisite barbs, particularly about the London skyline: “The tectonic gerontocrats Rogers, Viñoly, Piano, Foster, Nouvel, Shuttleworth and so on are apparently locked in a perpetual competition to vandalise the sky with banality.” (Owen)

Love him or hate him, Danny Dyer has certainly achieved some form of cult status over the years. And, so, you’ll probably “freak your nut” when you see him fake crying and dressed in drag for this Lucy Rose music vid. You certainly can’t knock the lad for playing his part in a song about the importance of self expression. Nice one bruvvvvva! (Simon)