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A treasure trove of goodies, it’s Best of the Web!

This week’s Best of the Web is a little light relief from whatever it is you’ve got going on right now. There’s something for everyone, including an article about stripping brands to their most minimal, a guide on how to make a blockbuster movie trailer and a glimpse inside Ettore Sottsass’ sketchbooks.

Really liking the HOK Mercedes Benz stadium roof. Time-lapse of it opening here. (Owen)

How do you paint an eclipse? Work fast. (Beccy)

Ikea Norway won the internet this week when it released instructions for how to make a Game of Thrones cape a la Jon Snow out of its rugs. (Jenny)

I might be late to the party but this Daytime TV snaps Twitter (below) is pure joy. (Lucy)


Do brands look better stripped back? (Julian)

New photography museum to open in London’s Whitechapel. (Marianne)

An archive of political logos from Brand New. (Lucy)

This is great (below). How to make a blockbuster movie trailer. (Tim)

A visual reminisce on the humble mullet haircut, featuring Pat Sharp. (Beccy)

Design grad Jade Dalloul made hypothetical currency for the world’s biggest brands. (Owen)

A glimpse inside Ettore Sottsass’ sketchbooks, via CoDesign. (Simon)

FutureDeluxe has released this hypnotic experimental film Colour on Colour (below), which uses live footage shot in-camera to make animations. (Jenny)

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