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Best of the Web: what caught our attention in the world this week

It’s a glorious, crisp November day in London and the sun is pouring through the windows of our office. Winter is well and truly here and, momentarily, despite the events of last week, the world appears a slightly happier place. For further distraction, inspiration and procrastination purposes, please find below the stories and online happenings that everyone at 21 Downham Road has enjoyed this week. As ever, Simon has put together a list of cracking social media accounts to follow.

The art of globe making in 1955, from the British Pathé archives. (Beccy)

If you’re a fan of the hilarious and horrifying art of Cool 3D World, you’re going to enjoy this similarly bizarre project from Always & Forever. It’s a 360 video, so whack on those VR goggles and get ready to freak your nut (Simon)

Vice has launched a new vertical focused on health. It’s an interesting move and shows the cultural shift from possessions to health/experiences. (Callum)

Fun fact – the brother of this month’s Nicer Tuesdays speaker Jack Hudson is Tom Hudson, lead singer of Pulled Apart By Horses. Here he is in a great new video directed by Lord Whitney, shot amidst the brutalist architecture of Leeds University. (Owen)

The Offenbach type class have launched a calendar for the new year. 12 months of trendy design! (Connor)


Boston design studio Upstatement has created Help Over Hate, a database of organisations that might need donations or volunteers under a Trump administration. (Jenny)

Fast Co. Design looks back at some of New York City’s failed megaprojects (Beccy)

Vice’s Oobah Butler went on a tour of the UK’s worst nightclubs. There’s no creativity to be found here (other than the writing) but it should make you feel better as you neck that £3 ale in Wetherspoons tonight. (Simon)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is finally here, and MinaLima, the design studio behind all the graphic art for the props in the Harry Potter films, has released 40 new prints and two books to mark the occasion. To fully geek out, you can go and see them displayed in its redesigned 4-storey space, House of MinaLima, in London’s Soho. (Jenny)


Who to follow


As the Insta bio states, Matchbloc is "revelling in the graphics of Eastern Bloc matchbox labels” and it’s very, very good.

A photo posted by @matchbloc on

Maximilian Mauracher

Art director, designer, and all round trendy fella Maximilian Mauracher has a monochromatic feed is packed full of great design.

So Young

On the site this week we had a chat with music zine So Young about their 11th issue. Their Instagram feed is just as fun to peruse.

Anna Ginsburg

Last week Anna Ginsburg’s Spin The Aub project became the most liked post on It’s Nice That’s Instagram, ever. You should follow Anna for similar delights.

Pani Paul

If photography and skate culture is your cup of tea, look no further than Pani Paul.

A photo posted by Pani Paul (@pani_paul) on