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Best of the Web: a few of our favourite things we’ve spotted on the internet this week

It’s monsoon season apparently here in London, so what better time to sit about trawling the internets for nuggets of wisdom and beauty. The It’s Nice That studio has been doing just that, and you can see the fruits of their searches below in this week’s Best of the Web.

Here’s an interview with Bob & Roberta Smith AKA Patrick Brill on The Guardian (first appeared in The New Review on Sunday). In it he talks about “expanding creativity and who gets involved in it”, and thinks that by teaching kids self-expression “you are adding to democracy”. (Beccy)  

Great Medium article looking at magazine covers through the ages, includes Time, National Geographic, Vogue, The New Yorker and GQ among others (Will)

New York Magazine in conversation with Quentin Tarantino (Will)

A cool music video here for Unconditional Rebel by Siska, directed by Guillaume Panariello. There’s a making of, too, here (Billie)

Kinda odd, kinda cool. The Verge has built a random caption generator to The New Yorker’s weekly comic caption competition, based on all previous 1,425 winners since 2005. You can then enter it from the site too, and they’ll keep updating it each week. (Joe)

I unequivocally adore Genesis P-Orridge, the artist, Throbbing Gristle star and icon of “pandrogyny”. As such, it’s great to read Gen’s comments on that trans story you may have noticed fluttering about over the last few weeks… (Emily)

If you’re the type of person who needs a constant reminder to what time it is, as well an insight into total strangers lives, I fully suggest following Studio Monikor’s Twitter clock @alltheminutes. Each and every minute you will be provided with the precise time coupled with a mundane message from someone you have never, ever met. “It’s 10:40pm and I want toast. Should I make toast. I will make toast”, “It’s 2:33 PM and I still haven’t had breakfast” etc etc. (Simon)