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The Best of the Web, as chosen by us here at It’s Nice That

There sure is a lot of stuff on the internet, so much so that sometimes opening a new tab can be like walking into a room and forgetting why you even wanted to go there in the first place. What you need is a carefully selected range of links that are almost guaranteed to be great. So here you have them, the It’s Nice That Best of the Web.

Martin Creed takes The Guardian on a tour of his upcoming show in Somerset (Beccy)

Suicide’s Martin Rev discusses writing the music for Warhol’s short films, which her performed in some rather dashing leather trousers at the Barbican this week (Emily)

Came across this brilliant project in the US, a typographic billboard that’s updated every month with a new text. Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe have previously contributed. (Karl)

Webby Awards videos of Famous Five word speechesAction Bronson presents to Shane Smith and Kanye (Will)

Sainsbury’s recently put up an ad asking for artists to volunteer to paint one of its canteens and unintentionally became embroiled in the debate surrounding creatives being made to work for free in exchange for exposure. (Beccy)

Fab photographs of Dalston in the 1970s and 80s (Emily)

It’s holiday season! Nearly. Great curated guides by designers for a really wide variety of cities. (Carol)

Trumptendo: Artist Jeff Hong has modified retro Nintendo games to make Donald Trump the villain and it’s fun, but the names are the real triumph, particularly Super Bernie Bros and Donkey Trump (Jenny)

My life is one constant battle between purging stuff and clinging onto stuff, and this lovely feature by Tim Jonze about selling all (well most of) his CDs certainly gave me some thinking to do (Emily)

Who to follow

Adam Nathaniel Furman

Architect and writer Adam combines fantastical images of postmodern architecture with examples of his own work. His account is a riot of colour and rich images from architectural history.

David Wilson 

Earlier this week we featured director David Wilson’s new short for the British Council he’s known for his music videos for the likes of Arcade Fire, Tame Impala and Metronome. 

Morag Myerscough

We have been fans of Morag’s work for a long time and recently sent her to Hastings for our Art and About partnership with the Art fund. Her Instagram account shows her completed projects, works in progress and lots of pictures of her dog Lemmy.

Hot Topic!

This week Private Parts by Anna Ginsburg was aired on Channel 4’s Random Acts show. The short is one of five that we commissioned for the show and on Instagram it proved to be our most popular post of the week.