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A real bobby-dazzler, it’s Best of the Web!

If you’re still recovering from that time when the sky went dark and the sun went red, then this edition of Best of the Web is the perfect way to end a confusing week. This time we’ve got an interview with Jurgen Teller, a genius move from KFC on Twitter and a look back at an old Sony ad that’s still just as mesmerising.

A great article about android developer Hiroshi Ishiguro who is “keeping himself young” via multiple surgeries in order to remain identical to his humanoid replica. (Ruby)

This is mental, and definitely spooky. (Lucy)

AnOther interviews Juergen Teller. (Simon)

Reminiscing about one of the best ads ever, the Sony Bravia’s bouncy balls and came across this making of on D&AD. Apparently the crew had riot shields to protect themselves from the hurtling bouncy balls! (Jenny)

Ideo has acquired a data science company to “help merge machine learning and human centred design”. (Jenny)

Mind absolutely blown. (Marianne)

The surprisingly rude history of pudding. (Owen)

The Guardian showcases the winners of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017. (Beccy)


Daniël Nelson: The Good Life, The Netherlands. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017, Winner 15-17 years old category

A brilliant article by co-runner of Grey’s Anatomy Krista Vernoff about her experiences with sexism and an industry that plays “by Harvey’s rules”. (Jenny)

New York City’s libraries will forgive all children’s fines. (Marianne)

Tom Hanks talks about typewriters, which he collects. (Owen)

Stefan Draschan spent an eternity waiting for museum visitors to match artworks (below) and the result is worth the wait. (Ellen)


Stefan Draschan

Who To Follow: Printed Pages Special

This week we released the brand spanking new Printed Pages, so here’s some of the collaborators we worked with on the mag who you should pop into your Insta feed.

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