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Best of the Web is here, and so is the weekend!

Another four-day week over in the UK, and my gosh aren’t we enjoying it? Sure we’re cramming in five days of work into four and we’re still in a mini egg coma, but that extra day feels right, welcome and joyful. As we quickly skip into the weekend once more, this week’s highlights from the internet include Jack Sach’s Spotify ads, a game that allows you to explore French economic policy, and some of the exhibits at The Museum of Failure in Sweden. Enjoy!

Jack Sachs’ animations for Spotify that never saw the light of day, but fortunately can now be enjoyed on his website, huzzah! (Jenny)

A short history of the NASA art programme. (Owen)

The Museum of Failure celebrates the absurd and hilarious wrong turns that companies have taken in their product development. (Marianne)

The New York Times speaks to Ted Russell about what is was like to photograph Bob Dylan. One snippet includes: “My job was to keep my mouth shut and my eyes open, which is what I did. So I can’t tell you anything about him, really.” (Beccy)


Ted Russell: Bob Dylan lighting a cigarette at his desk, 161 West Fourth Street, New York, 1964. Ted Russell/Polaris/Steven Kasher Gallery

Dear Mr Quistgaard has made a cinematic tribute to Prince and the Thin White Duke (RIP) for the year-anniversary of their deaths. (Bryony)

Srishti TV is a new channel by the students of Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology in Bangalore, India, aiming to address the “mystery, snobbery and hipster-y vibe” of the creative community with informative and fun videos. (Jenny)

Here’s a game called Fiscal Combat that allows you to explore French economic policy through the medium of fighting. (Owen)

Producer Murlo studied illustration before his music career began to take off, so he’s used his multitude of skills to make the animated video (above) for his latest track Tired of You. (Jenny)

Fast Co Design speaks to Girls executive creative director, Howard Nourmand, about the show’s ever-changing but simple title design. (Beccy)

Now Boarding is a fun project by film buff Brendan Dawes imagining the plane tickets of legendary movie characters, merging the mundane everyday with iconic cinema. (Simon)

Midnight Oil generates singular films from hijacked video, to create a transitory snapshot of the world that evolves with every play (no one film is ever the same). It’s an experiment in algorithmic filmmaking. (Bryony)

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