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It’s sober, it’s cheap, it’s just like you: it’s the Best of the Web

Felicitations!! It’s nearly the end of January, which means we can finally stop funding our newly teetotal lifestyles with the massive penny jar collecting dust in the corner of our sad, cold bedrooms. Join us in celebrating (cheaply, soberly) with a round-up of the best things we’ve seen on the internet of late.

Interesting idea here, a digital art biennale mostly taking place online. It’s called The Wrong and features some interesting work, with offline exhibitions in embassies around the world. (Emily)

I Didn’t Know That about Kate Middleton, the third in the series of “information you most likely didn’t know about stuff…” (Will)

From the man who brought us the fabulous Tranny Boxing film Joseph Wilson comes another beauty, L Y O N W A Y. (Emily)

All your pizza slicing conundrums have been solved and now everyone will get the same sized piece. Surely a quicker answer would have been the square pizza? (Will)

I accidentally stumbled across this website which acts as a gallery for TV idents from the past ten years or so. The website isn’t friendly on the eye, but it’s quite interesting someone is archiving this kind of thing. (Simon)

Nice website documenting all the servants of an old house. (INT Works Simon)

Cool in-browser game from Fornasetti. (Craig)

It’s Nice That fave Francesca Jane Allen was interviewed in-depth on Dazed Digital about a shoot we featured previously with porn star Jessie Andrews. (Emily)

Anatomy of a scene from The Revenant. (Will)

The best acceptance speech. Period. (Will)

Great Bring Back Popworld article on The Guardian. I will never forget The Kooks interview. (Ali)