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It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day – it’s Best of the Web!

The mornings are getting a little misty now, which is wreaking havoc with the It’s Nice That team’s hair. So while we aim to detangle our mane of dewy curls, check out the best bits and bobs we’ve found on the internet. This week we’ve got a complete picture of UK feature film in a handy infographic, ad campaigns shot entirely Snapchat’s Spectacles and a round up of TV’s top role models. Pass us the comb and enjoy!

The BFI Filmography is a complete history of UK feature film, which is both explorable and shareable. You just need to pick a film, role or person to begin. (Beccy)

Paul from S Club 7 is selling his stuff on Ebay. (Marianne)

Albert Pukies’ latest personal project (below) is The Dad Bag. (Charlie)


Albert Pukies: The Dad Bag

A spookier remake of Sabrina The Teenage Witch is to launch next year. (Beccy)

Burger King and Sainsbury’s just ran the first Snapchat ads shot entirely on Spectacles (Ellen)

Sleaford Mods have sponsored The Seven Sisters, an under nine’s football team in South Wales. (Lucy)


Louis Theroux in Louis at the Brothel

The Guardian takes us through TV’s top role models, including Lisa Simpson and Louis Theroux. (Beccy)

The Book Cities App is a must-have for book lovers. Also, if your fave bookshop isn’t featured, drop ‘em an email and they’ll add it for you for free! (Ruby)

Obviously there is a twitter account for this. (Lucy)

Pope painting by Francis Bacon to go on sale after 45 years hidden away (Simon)

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