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Hey presto, it’s Best of the Web!

This week’s Best of the Web is an ice cold, refreshing glass of internet.

A site celebrating the art of the animated poster. Some great stuff in there, with a handy tagging system to find all posters created by a specific designer. (Dan)

The job I dreamed of as a child: designer for the Crystal Maze interviewed on the BBC. (Will)

Romain Laurent’s loop portraits (below) are some of the best out there. (Beccy)

Kelly Angood has released her latest DIY pinhole camera kit, the Videre 35mm, as part of Kickstarter Gold – an initiative celebrating some of the most successful creations funded via the platform. (Jenny)


Romain Laurent


New York in 1911. (Ali)

A new rating for TV and movies tries to combat gender stereotypes. (Marianne)

Friend of the studio Alex Tieghi-Walker has just put out his first call for anonymous submissions to the next issue of The Anonymous Sex Journal: the coming of age issue. "Coming of Age as a theme felt very apt, because youth voices have never been more powerful – as the recent UK election demonstrated,” Alex says. "The theme, and the stories it incites, will bring together the collective experience of a generation, and with it new perspectives.” Bring to mind some probably best-left-forgotten memories and get typing… (Bryony)

Are you an unpaid intern? This is the T-shirt for you. (Simon)


Thief stealing kidnapped baby from stroller in park (@darkstockphotos)

Dazed speaks to Andy Kelly, creator of the Twitter account @darkstockphotos (above), which features “extremely fucked up stock photography”. (Beccy)

The BJP is calling for entries to its second Portrait of Britain exhibition, "envisaged as an exhibition by the people, of the people and for the people”. (Owen)

Last week I met David Shrigley at his exhibition at Skip Gallery (humble brag), and Canvas made a film about the show (below), which captures the fun perfectly. (Jenny)

Around 15,000 people attempted to break the record for world’s largest ever human-made peace sign at Glasto. And it looks pretty spot on. (Simon)

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