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24 March 2017
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For this week’s Best of the Web we’ve got a treasure trove of internet gold to share with you all. Gucci have been creating memes, Estonian rapper Tommy Cash has a new, NSFW video out, and there’s a Tumblr account full of anime signage.

It was only in January that the Tate presented Trisha Brown’s dance piece Set and Reset in the Tanks. This week, the sad news broke that the seminal choreographer, an icon of American postmodern dance, has died. Read about her life and work here. (Bryony)

i-D takes a look back at the records that made noughties popstar Nelly Furtado. (Lucy)

This is fun website from tattoo artist David Schiesser (Ellen)

Gucci has started making memes (below) for its new watch collection and the internet is going crazy about it.


Artist: Ege Islekel; Meme: @champagneemojis

The new Louis Vuitton stuff looks pretty mad. Directed and soundtracked by Woodkid. (Tim)

The V&A’s Friday Late this month is about money, and the site has a lovely illustration by Sophy Hollington. (Jenny)

Ad agency Grey has created The Swear Jar app for Comic Relief, which is linked to your bank account via PayPal and automatically fines users every time they use bad language. (Bryony)

Warning: this new video (below) from Estonian rapper Tommy Cash is pretty NSFW. (Beccy)

A three hour-long shoot, five rolls of film and a mound of cold fried eggs in the making, Dawn Shadforth and Robbie Ryan have come up with this music video for The Fat White Family’s Lias Saoudi and Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor’s semi fictional new music outfit The Moonlandingz. One to think about before you start on the tequila shots tonight.  (Bryony)

The chat section of Studio Feixen’s website is super cool and they respond to loads of questions about portfolio submissions, typeface queries and even major life decisions like whether or not to quit design and open a taco shop… (Connor)

A Tumblr collecting signage from anime, found via the ever-brilliant Present & Correct Twitter account. (Jenny)

Little White Lies has gathered together David Lynch’s TV commercials, which are “even weirder than his films”. This one (below) about the director’s own line of coffee, sees David talking to a Barbie doll head – sweet. (Beccy)

Creatives such as Build’s Michael C Place, Lee Goater, Fickle Fate, Side by Side and Spin’s Callin Mackintosh have designed skateboards for Sheffield-based start-up Forge Boards, now raising funds on Kickstarter. (Simon)

Illustrator Arthur Foliard draws animals with brilliant eyes. (Jess)

Owen Gildersleeve’s latest series Shadow Spaces (below) features incredible architectural models made from paper and dramatically photographed by Stephen Lenthall. (Jenny)


Owen Gildersleeve: Shadow Spaces

Seb Ikso Agresti

Illustrator Seb Ikso Agresti recently claimed It’s Nice That’s “most liked” Insta post title. In honour of such an achievement you should follow him, because he’s great.

Atelier Brenda

Atelier Brenda is the alter ego of three female designers. Brenda has a fantastic feed full of fun graphic design. You should follow Brenda.

Rhys Coron

If his Insta feed is anything to go by Rhys Coron seems like a pretty kewl guy. His art is also top notch and will no doubt brighten up your feed.

A post shared by Rhys Coren (@rhyscoren) on

Conor Beary

Photographer Conor Beary’s Insta feed is a beautiful ode to all sorts of culture from around the world.

A post shared by Conor Beary (@conmanslim) on

Marguerite Humeau

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing Marguerite Humeau’s art in real life, or online for that matter, you might be interested in her Insta which is packed full of fantastic BTS and WIP shots of her creations.

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