Reactions to the referendum and our weekly Best of the Web

24 June 2016

The referendum result is in and Britain is out. Our Hot Topic this week gathers some of the first responses from the creative world as people begin to take stock of the situation. Also, as a distraction from the rolling news coverage, you can also check out our weekly round-up of the articles, podcasts and websites that have caught our attention.

In T Magazine’s 15 Minutes with Ai Weiwei , Aimee Farrell speaks with the artist about his experiences creating his feature-length film Human Flow on the plight of global refugees, and using Instagram as a digital sketchbook. (Emily)

Malcolm Gladwell has launched the Revisionist History podcast where he "will go back and reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood.” The first episode was fascinating and it will be interesting to hear how the series develops. (Owen)

Our bonkers pals over at Barcelona-based creative collective Hungry Castle have made a toilet rap video . What’s not to love. (Emily)

Great gifs here from Dubliner, Bees & Bombs . Particularly like this . (Karl)

Bulgaria-born, Berlin-based music producer and multimedia artist Gorazd Popov has created a weird and spooky interactive web page for his last EP for Slit Jockey. Pop-ups give text instructions for guided meditation, which is certainly an unusual approach to music PR. (Emily)

Super interesting article on New Yorker cartoonists generating 500 ideas a week and how they keep going. (Beccy)

The referendum. Don’t even get us started. This serves nicely as a good group of creative minds to follow on the social medias too. Stay classy, United Kingdom.

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