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Say what you see, it’s Best of the Web!

An absolute goldmine of shimmering internet nuggets this week as we relieve you of the duty of panning for web-based gold. This time around we have an article about what makes us love or hate a logo, a clip of a Japanese gameshow involving slippery stairs and an interview with David LaChapelle that includes some serious name-dropping. Enjoy!

Liana Finck’s new illustrated advice column, Dr Pepper, for The New Yorker is brilliant. (Ruby)

A vegetable project with a very pun-tastic title. (Bryony)

Zaria Gorvett (a freelance science journalist) on what makes us love or loathe a logo. (Marianne)

Steph Davidson made me lol this week. (Jenny)

A 360 degree zoetrope!! (Simon)

This Twitter thread (including Matt Lucas) about the chaos surrounding Britain’s new “flavours" of crisps is hilarious. (Ruby)

Emily McDonald entered a competition where you had to shoot on super 8 and weren’t allowed to edit it – so all cuts are in camera and meant that “we had to blindly sync our music and VO”. (Bryony)

This bin lip syncing along to the Smiths brought me a lot of joy. (Jenny)

Brilliant commentary on what women should wear to avoid harassment. (Lucy)

Some of the best D&AD Black Pencil winning work dating all the way back to 1997. (Ali)

A selection of some amazing photos (below) that capture the carefree rollerskaters of Venice Beach in LA in 1979. (Beccy)


Great article (with some insane name drops) about David LaChapelle on The Guardian. (Ruby)

An online game teaching people not to touch hair without permission. (Ali)

Japanese game show Slippery Stairs is perfect television. (Jenny)

David Lynch has designed a jewellery collection. (Lucy)

Great article from Creative Review about the art of the Wu Tang Clan, really good way of talking design within a much wider culture. (Simon)

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