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Hello? Yes, it’s Best of the web here!

Easing you into the beginning of the August bank holiday weekend it’s Best of the Web! Here’s a smorgasbord of stories, articles and films that caught our eye recently, from Acne campaigns, to Excel spreadsheets and balloon animals, obviously.

Rick and Morty action figures! (Jenny)

An interview with Boiler Room host and DJ Errol Anderson about what it takes to host there. (Callum)

Blondey Mccoy and Hans Ulrich Obrist having a chat for i-D. Ace. (Connor)

The most exciting aspect of Taylor Swift’s single is Right Said Fred’s involvement. (Lucy)

Really lovely little animation (below): “If you think your job is boring, imaging yourself working in a library. As a book.” (Marianne)

The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities hid a secret message in its resignation letter to Trump. (Jenny)

ICYMI: A report by the New York Post on the qualifiers for the Excel spreadsheet world championships. (Owen)

Balloon animals, (below) but like, legit cool. (Simon)

An incredible, heart-wrenching ad about technology that has changed a musical virtuoso’s life. (Beccy)


Acne recently shot their latest campaign with the fantastic Kordale and Kaleb, where they holed up in a hotel room and saw what happened. (Callum)

Debika Ray explores the relationship between fashion and architecture for Icon magazine. (Owen)

The Guardian re-shared the photographs of Barack Obama’s time at the White House as Donald Trump has redecorated. Viewing them again makes you realise how great they were, all over again! (Lucy)

The Big Moon’s new video (below) is brilliant and shows the helpful use of fidget spinners. (Beccy)

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