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The perfect respite from Black Friday madness, it’s Best of the Web

With shouty Black Friday deals flooding inboxes and browser windows everywhere, take respite from the madness in other (mostly) non-shopping-related things on the internet (yes they exist) with this week’s Best of the Web! Plus, scroll down for some tips on who to follow for regular inspiration on social media.

This heart-warming series documents photographer Chris Porsz’s journey trying to track down the people he photographed in his hometown of Peterborough in 70s, 80s, 90s. Once he found them he recreated the original photograph. The photo of Tony Wilmot saying goodbye to his girlfriend (as one lived in Essex and the other Stafford) at the station in 1980 almost made me well up! They are still together! (Lucy)

In 1989, Apple hired Thomas Rickner to do something revolutionary: put print-quality typefaces on every computer. Here, Fast Co Design explores how Apple helped democratise typography. (Beccy)

Icon Magazine’s John Jervis has taken an alternative view on London’s new Design Museum – it’s a compelling counterpoint to the wildly positive press it is receiving. (Owen)

OK Go smashes it out of the park with its truly jaw-dropping new video, with exploding paint and guitars aplenty. (Jenny)

Will Jones’ edit of Danny Dyer’s Who Do You Think You Are is GENIUS. (Lucy)

Sam Jacob studio takes the universal drawing symbol for insulation and applies it to a piece of human insulation, a scarf. (Andrew)

Behind the scenes at the graphic design department at the Whitney. (Owen)

Mr Bingo’s advent calendar is best described by the man himself: “Fuck chocolate. A group of naked people slowly revealing themselves over the duration of a month is so much better (IMO).” (Jenny)

The Guardian explores the masterpieces of surrealist photography. (Beccy)


Herbert List: Sunglasses, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, 1936

Who to follow

Calum Douglas

On the site this week Calum Douglas presented a photographic essay on his first month at ECAL. There’s no doubt his story will continue over on his Instagram channel.


This week it was announced that famed London nightclub Fabric has won back its licence, leading us to presume its Insta feed will soon be back on point.

Anton Synytsia

Anton Synytsia’s feed is a lovely medley of posters and design experiments.

Laura Jane Coulson

If you fancy a daily dose of stunning fashion photography in your life, Laura Jane Coulson is your gal.

Tim Blann

Artist Tim Blann’s insta bio claims he is “trying to draw”, evidence suggests he actually can and he’s also pretty bloody good at it.

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