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The best things on the internet, readers’ comments and who to follow on social media

Another week, another collection of the best things the It’s Nice That team has seen on the internet this week. We’re also bringing you the most interesting things that you, our readers have been chatting about this week in the art and design world, and give you our top tips on who to follow on social media.

“We’re in a race to stop digital decay. How much will be left for future generations?” Great FT piece on how we’re preserving our memories (Emily)

Found this strangely charming animation that was up for a BAFTA new talent quite recently. It’s super short, but thought it was worth a share (Connor)

Great music video directed by Anna Ginsberg and Gworge for Loyle Carner’s Stars & Shards (Jamie)

Possibly the funniest Twitter account around: it’s No Context Louis Theroux (Emily)

I can’t get enough of the Tracey Emin marrying a stone story, and here she is in a touching article on The Guardian telling Alex Needham that her silent partner is perfect because “it’s monumental, it’s dignified, it will never, ever let me down.” (Emily)

The weather translated into Scottish. A great tool for anyone planning to holiday in the highlands and wanting to participate in small talk with strangers. (Owen)

The lengths people go to… (Jamie)

Visitors to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this week were fooled into thinking a pair of glasses set on the floor by a 17-year-old prankster was a postmodern masterpiece. (Simon)

Hot Topic

This week we learned that the success nostalgia can extend beyond the music industry (e.g. All Saints are touring again omfg) when the Co-op revealed a return to its original logo from the 1960s.

Who to Follow

Claudia Maté

We may have already featured Claudia Maté’s surreal digital art on the site this week, but may we draw you attention to her Instagram feed. Mental.

Sabine Zetteler

Sabine’s Instagram feed has provided a nice snapshot of Clerkenwell Design Week over the past few days.

Kingston University

With the Guardian announcing Kingston University has the UK’s leading graphic design course this week, you may want to follow this Twitter channel set up by its 3rd year grads. No doubt they’ll be sharing some interesting insights from their degree show soon.

Anthony Burril

Anthony Burrill needs no help on the follower front, but if you fancy some pretty frequent graphic art popping up in your feed, you’d be a fool not to follow.