Come on down, it’s Best of the Web!

27 October 2017

If Best of the Web was a game show it would be the segment in The Price is Right where they spin The Big Wheel, and you either land on a big cash prize, a free spin or nada. Luckily in this simulation, everyone’s a winner as there’s a nugget of internet delight for us all!

This week is graphic designer David Rudnick’s extraordinarily detailed pasta rating on Twitter, pinhole cameras made out of apples and Philip Pullman shares tips for budding writers.

A pancake printing machine . Printing your pancake design. (Owen)

Can really relate to David Rudnick’s pasta rating thread . (Lucy)

Where will CGI go next? wonders this slickly executed video (below), which was funded by Wieden and Kennedy’s “Spore Fund”. (Bryony)

A continually updated collection of swing tag designs. (Jenny)

Derek Man makes cameras out of apples and captures Corbyn in the process. (Marianne)

A parameter-based font generator . (Ruby)

Philip Pullman shares fives tips to help the writer in all of us. (Beccy)

These photos of pigeons are AMAZING . (Jenny)

A twitter bot generating Louis Theroux documentary topics. Enough said. (Ruby)


wikiHow illustrations

A Tumblr treasure trove of those bemusing images featured in the wikiHow guides. The one above is from “How to Take Care of a Blind Cat”. (Beccy)

Jordan Stephens from Rizzle Kicks on the toxic notion of masculinity . (Ruby)

Saudi Arabia bestows citizenship on a robot called Sophia, despite the country’s infamy for denying basic human rights to women. (Jenny)

New Typhoon album visuals by Mishko really draw you in… (Connor)

Proudly wear your favourite (or most hated) creative jargon across your chest with this new range of tees by Munch and donate to charity at the same time. (Owen)

Marissa Korda has collected stories about loneliness and made them into this interactive online project . (Bryony)

Wesley Gonzalez has got a new video for his track Not That Kind of Guy , what a belter, and check out one of the funniest videos of 2017 (above). (Lucy)

Listen to this record commissioned by Muji in 1984 when the first stores opened, very relaxing. (Simon)

I’ve only just discovered The Guilty Feminist podcast (better late than never) and it’s already made me walk into work with a more confident stride. Highlight so far is the “Al and Bob experiment” in episode 53. (Jenny)

Some great Insta accounts which will get your thumbs slapping and fingers tappin’.

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