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28 April 2017
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Best of the Web is here like the loyal family dog that always has your back. So give it a pat on the head because there’s some cracking bits and bobs for you to peruse including Ikea’s response to Balenziaga’s new, familiar-looking blue tote, Kobe Bryant’s new basketball short and a new ad from Heineken.

Over at Buzzfeed Tom Chivers is looking at the dodgy graphs on election leaflets and then helpfully correcting them to be accurate. (Owen)

The National Film Center of Japan has uploaded 60 animated films made between the years 1917 and 1941. (Beccy)

ECAL students designed a range of furniture and products for a hotel room and the results are fun, especially the Sleepy Slippers. (Jenny)

Ikea responds (below) to Balenciaga’s take on blue tote with spot-the-difference guide. (Simon)



This is really great. Made by Florence Poppy Deary. (Charlie)

Wired has released a list of 20 tech visionaries we should’ve heard of by now. (Will)

NME has a quiz called “Which Wes Anderson film character are you?” – you know you can’t resist. (Simon)

Mysterious posters around the world are making Radiohead fans freak out. (Lucy)

Heineken’s new spot (below) preaches tolerance and understanding in order to sell you beer. Fair enough. (Owen)

“The best way to inspire the next generation of athletes is through story” – Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant talk about their new short Dear Basketball. (Marianne)

This just seems a bit weird – Channel 4’s online TV ads will call you out by name. (Tim)

The Guardian talks to Grayson Perry about Brexit: “As an artist I find Brexit exciting. No doubt it will be a disaster,” he says. (Beccy)

Present & Correct have had a field day this National Stationery Week, sharing great videos about how things like paperclips, crayons and fountain pens are made. (Jenny)

I came across this beautiful – and slightly Lynchian – film from young Barcelona-based director Nur Casadevall. Definitely one to keep an eye on. (Bryony)

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