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28 July 2017
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Summer is in full swing now, especially with all the kids off school filling up the parks and chugging fizzy pop and ice creams without a care in the world. While you dwell on your misspent youth, distract yourself with this week’s Best of the Web, we’ve got competitive table setting, 1970s stock photography, and the demise of the iPod.

Vice got people to describe the worst housemate they’ve had in just six words. (Lucy)

Find out more about the insane world of competitive table setting. (Owen)

Please, please, bring this exhibition to London. (Jenny)

Some great 1970s stock portraits (below) for you to peruse. (Beccy)


1970s stock portraits

Interesting article on the history of Flash, as it’s announced Adobe will pull the plug on the programme. (Jenny)

iPod is no more – yet another retro tech death to add to the pile this week. (Simon)

Walker has done a feature with design-based meme creator Screen Saviors. (Ali)

Matt Groening’s new Netflix-commissioned series is to air in 2018 and is an animated comedy aimed at adults and set in a rundown medieval kingdom. (Beccy)

A pleasingly hypnotic animation (above) by Denmark-based Thinh Nguyen. (Beccy)

Huck visits Eve, the UK’s first feminist-punk-rock wrestling organisation. (Lucy)

LOL. (Jenny)

Brilliant Sasha Markova, who I met when working at Mother, has just launched a new company in LA called Gangs Of Kosmos and its first campaign just broke. It’s called Save America’s Unicorns and it’s helping to save America’s wild horses (which are currently being slaughtered). (Bryony)

If the Stranger Things season two teaser was made in 1984 with a Apple Inc computer, by visual wizard Wahyu Ichwandardi. (Simon)

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