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In the week that brought us Burns Night, here’s the tim’rous beastie we call Best of the Web

With bellies full of haggis and rumbling with the promise of a long-awaited payday, our poor wee bodies have been stupefied this week into a state rendering us incapable of doing anything but dumbly staring at computer things. Thankfully there’s been a lot of good stuff to look at, and we’re sharing some of it with you in this week’s Best of the Web.

Miranda July talks about how to turn a performance into a film and how to turn a film into a performance in this week’s TateShots. (Alex H)

The Quietus looks to London Art Fair for a discussion about whether London can afford to price out its artists. (Emily)

The Guardian talks to two guys who were responsible for making the Eurostar happen. From battling French to English translations to email etiquette, we get a glimpse into what went into getting a train to travel through a 50km underwater tunnel. (Beccy)

Wired looks at the urban design less hidden in blizzard 2016. (Will)

Turns out Jason Statham was a (terrible) backing dancer back in the 90s – check out his performance in this video for The Shamen (he comes in at 00.35 seconds). (Ali)

The Poetry Foundation discusses the 27th letter of the alphabet. (Jamie)

Over on Grafik, an interview with a lady who runs life drawing classes where the models are owls, iguanas, donkeys and other critters. (Emily)