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29 July 2016
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We are all out of the office this afternoon as it is It’s Nice That’s annual sports day. Straight after the drug tests we’re off to the swimming pool for the first event, high diving, before we hit the velodrome for the Keirin. In reality, we’re off to the park for a BBQ and a game of rounders. So to keep you entertained while we exercise our athleticism and sporting prowess, here are the best things we have found on the internet and some great people to follow on social media. On your marks, get set, go!

Tim Heidecker (of Tim & Eric) visited the Republican National Convention and made this crazy video. Almost as crazy as the race itself. (Karl)

Since Tuesday Bassen accused the fashion retailer of plagiarising her work, quite a lot more artists have come forward against Zara. (Ellen)

I found this earlier, and it’s pretty funny. A guy has used a predictive text emulator to write lots of stuff like Wikipedia pages and IMDB film descriptions. (Tim)

Simple idea, simply executed, fascinating. (Julian)

The story behind the cover of The Beatles’ Revolvera snip at £50. (Owen)

First there was Peckham Springs, now there is Hackney Tap – “revolutionising the way we drink water.” (Lucy)

A love letter to New York’s fire hydrants, “it’s the closet thing to a pool we have.” (Billie)

If you’re looking for something to listen to this weekend, illustrator Andy J.Miller’s Creative Pep Talk podcast will keep you busy! The direction of the podcast aims to help creatives find the perfect balance between artwork and business. (Manda)

Graffiti tags – are they art? It’s a divisive argument that has long existed and often leads to the “let’s agree to disagree” conclusion. This week the argument surfaced on our Instagram feed as we presented Mathieu Tremblin’s project, which saw the artist cover up tag spots to re-write the words in more legible fonts. The intention? To make people consider the misunderstood art form. However, this didn’t stop a wider debate on whether it’s correct to replace another artist’s work with your own interpretation.

Robert Ek

What the Ek? Artist and designer Robert’s Ek’s Instagram feed is exceedingly strange.

Stefan Marx

This is what happens when illustrator Stefan Marx gets bored at the train station.

A photo posted by Stefan Marx (@stefanmarx) on

Robbie Simon

Painter, printer, illustrator and designer Robbie Simon’s Insta feed is packed full of great design and more general insights into his creative lifestyle.

A photo posted by Rie (@brojazz) on

Jack Mears

If you like dogs, follow Jack Mears. If you don’t like dogs, follow Jack Mears.

21 Downham Road

A shameless plug, but what the hell. 21 Downham Road is a feed of stuff (there’s really no definition) from behind the scenes at the It’s Nice That studio.

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