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Another week over, it’s Best of the Web!

Best of the Web is back again to titillate your weekend fancy. Like a big Mr Tickle, BOTW’s arms are long, gangly and full of lovely art and design nuggets to interest and amuse you. From discovering the best logo of all time to archive images of Kate Bush, there’s a whole cavalcade of internet-based entertainment. Plus there’s even a few cool people to follow on social media just in case.

Slightly late with this one, but Zaha Hadid’s business partner talks about how he will continue the practice and what architecture means to him. (Owen)

The world record for the biggest Lego structure has been broken, with this Tower Bridge model which took 5,805,846 bricks to make. Yes, it’s to launch a car… but still. There’s a time-lapse of them making it and a pretty OTT reveal film. (Jenny)

What’s the greatest logo of all time? Fast Co Design tries to find out. (Beccy)

These are great. Quick, funny edits of life on the road shot for DJ Mano Le Tough. (Karl)

For all you knitwear nuts. (Connor)

The Guardian looks at why brutalist architecture is back in style. (Beccy)

Guido Harri shares images of Kate Bush that he has taken throughout her career. (Owen)

A beautiful video directed by, and featuring, multidisciplinary artist Matthew Stone, who talks about his 2004 manifesto on optimism. (Bryony)

Laura Marling has just completed the first series of her podcast Reversal Of The Muse. Frustrated with the lack of women in the music industry each episode speaks to a creative woman “as a small part of the global conversation about women in the arts”. The final episode features an amazing interview with Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris. OMG. (Lucy)

This incredible 20ft-high wire mesh structure made for a festival in Wisconsin looks even more awesome when lit up at night. (Jenny)

One for typography fans, type-trap aims to track every use of the Futura typeface across the world, by getting users to submit their finds to a social image platform. (Beccy)

Who to Follow

Pooneh Ghana

From Mac DeMarco to Andrew WK – photographer Pooneh Ghana’s Instagram feed pretty impressive feed full of our favourite musicians.

A photo posted by Pooneh Ghana (@poonehghana) on


You can keep up to date with University of Art & Design, Offenbach’s amazing type class through its Insta channel.

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The Internet of Shit

Twitter channel The Internet of Shit specialises in finding and abusing needless inventions in the world. Think kettles that double up as phone chargers and “smart irons” that cost £1000 etc.

Stephanie Unger

Follow illustrator Stephanie Unger and your eyes might be tricked into thinking it’s still summer.

Ira Ivanova

Graphic designer Ira Ivanova’s Instagram is a lovely combination of found art alongside her own creations.

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