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Playing the fool, it’s Best of the Web!

It the end of a long month and tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, so you better have your wits about you and refuse to believe any new information you hear. But fear not, this week’s Best of the Web is a prank-free, tomfoolery-barren zone, so read it with frivolity. Among the many delights, we hear from the guy who inspired Comic Sans, a musical ode to High Wycombe, and an animation visualising a classic client conference call. Enjoy!

Following on from the Guardian article – the guy who created the typeface that inspired Comic Sans offers his opinion. (Owen)

Elon Musk has launched a startup planning to build tech that interlaces with human brains. (Jenny)

I got sent this really great video (below) dedicated to the metropolis of High Wycombe this week – who knew! Sweet home High Wycombe. (Lucy)

This had me and Simon in tears this week. (Jenny)

Buying an 8-colour screenprinted T-shirt of a happy sandwich dude (by the wonderful Rob Flowers) will help feed malnourished children around the world. (Owen)

Popeye was really onto something… (Marianne)

Freelance copywriter Joe Coleman’s website has an adjustable slider, which varies how hard he sells himself to prospective clients. (Beccy)


Chuck O’Rear next to his photograph, Bliss

This is great (above) – the photographer Chuck O’Rear next to the original photograph we all know so well. (Connor)

The Generation X author, Douglas Coupland, on the future of work and how we’ve all turned into millennials (Beccy)

Hattie Stewart launched her Facebook effect, which is fun. (Jenny)

Animation studio Aardman (below) visualises a classic client conference call regarding designing a new logo.

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