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It’s the weekend, so we bring you the Best of the Web

Knowing you lot you’ve probably spent all week hot-footing it around art galleries, sitting on the “frow” or perusing the wares of the sprawling London Design Festival. But if you do have a few moments at a screen, here’s the things we’ve enjoyed on the internet this week, and we hope you will too.

A rare and insightful interview with the elusive woman behind Comme des Garçon, Rei Kawakubo. (Alex H)

I like this more than I should — The Movie Phone Super Call (Will)

Adam Buxton’s podcast returns as he talks to Louis Theroux about holiday buffet etiquette among other things (Will)

“It’s a conflict to be both romantic and famous, and Marc has never seemed very romantic.” A lunchtime interview with Marc Jacobs in The New York Times punctuated by chain-smoking and "deconstructed smoothies.” (Alex H)

The most refreshing product review I’ve read in ages for the iPhone 6s, including quotes like last week I took a picture of a burrito (Joe)

“As an artist, I feel that I have to have the highest aspiration for the work. Even if that is pompous and grandiose, so what?”: Anish Kapoor speaks to ARTnews his Instagram account, the vandalism in Versailles and his Moscow retrospective (Beccy)

Supersonic Design — Bloodhound SSC is the 1,000 mph car which is designed to reach 1,000mph and help inspire a generation of youngsters to take up – or at least take an interest in – science and engineering. Here it is. (Will)