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The sun’s shining, the weather is sweet: here’s the Best of the Web

Yeah it’s sunny and lovely and all, but hey, it’s still chilly, so we’ll be immersing ourselves in jumpers and digital culture thanks all the same. To help you do the same we’ve drawn together the best things we’ve seen online this week. That’s right, shut the curtains, kick your shoes off, etc etc.

Last week Ryan Adams released a song-for-song cover album of Taylor Swift’s album 1989 to much hype. After stripping back her songs and reworking them in the style of a Bruce Springsteen record, in the eyes of people who had previously written Swift off as pop fodder she was suddenly legitimised. Most tellingly, Adams’ tribute album was reviewed by The New Yorker but Swift’s original was not. Whether the relationship between Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks, of The Eagles’ Don Henley and Linda Ronstadt, this article touches on how men in music have frequently spoken through women. It also argues, quite rightly, that “Taylor Swift is not a blank slate that Ryan Adams writes upon. She is his album’s defining element. And that is a change that women musicians have deserved for a very long time.” (Alex H)

The Daily Mash as ever sublimely on point with this week’s news from NASA about the red planet. (Emily)

Steve Albini hates dance music and now the world knows all about it (Ellen)

In the run up to Tate’s exhibition of British artist Frank Auerbach, The Guardian talks to four people who’ve sat for him – including his son Jake. It’s a fascinating insight into what it’s like to have your portrait painted by someone so revered. (Beccy)

Since 2008, online art pioneer Rafaël Rozendaal has been tweeting every meal he eats to his twitter channel @RRFood. We’re not talking your typical Insta-food shots here. Instead, we have short, blunt descriptions of what seems to be a very balanced diet. Not much else to learn here people (other than he’s put 8107 meals in his gob over seven years), but you have to admire the dedication. (Social Simon)

Facebook is introducing GIF profile pictures — currently only to a few lucky people, but soon we’ll all have the opportunity to produce seven-second pieces of art. Be that disappearing avocado toast, pugs running around in tiny outfits or any other example of internet-approved finery. (Billie)