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Another week, another round-up. Here’s the Best of the Web

Hands up if you’re ready to do something you’ll regret this weekend. No? Not to worry, if your plans don’t include throwing all caution to the wind and dad dancing like Drake into the early hours, we’ve got you covered with our weekly run-down of some of the internet’s infinite offerings.

This week The Guardian looks at the advertising crunch for print and digital publishers, with some blaming “internet giants” Google and Facebook for “hoovering up digital ad spend.” (Manda)

Michael Bierut tells Wired he doesn’t really believe in creativity. (Emily)

From to Inkboard, The New Yorker looks at the future of doodling. (Alex)

The Guardian talks to Jean-François Jaussaud who spent a decade photographing Louise Bourgeois. The article shows some of his images as well as providing a great insight into Bourgeois and how she was “totally implicated in her work – to the point that there was no differentiation between it and her private life.” (Beccy)

Bill Murray AMA. Enough said… (Will)

Recently appearing in Apple’s iOS 9.1 keyboard was a mysterious new emoji of an eye in a speech bubble. Wired reveals the story behind the emoji that’s supporting an anti-bully campaign by The Ad Council. (Manda)

Hardcore Architecture is a record of the suburban buildings that housed America’s underground hardcore bands in the 1980s. It’s a strange project, but for some reason looking at houses with captions like “Identity Crisis” and “Big Satan Inc” is gripping. (Billie)

Filipino graphic design isn’t a topic which comes up much in the design world, but this fantastic piece of research by Manila-based writer Clara Lobregat Balaguer over on The Creators Project has opened our eyes. With sections such as “border mania” and “extreme drop shadow,” it’s a fascinating insight into how graphic design exists in an entirely different cultural context. (Simon)