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22 April 2016
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Best of the Web is a chance for us to procrastinate while pretending we are really doing work. This week’s edition covers everything from online harassment to the fees that celebs receive for nightclub appearances. Listed below are the articles and videos that have caught the attention of everyone who works at 21 Downham Road, our canalside home in London.

The Diane Arbus photo that almost killed New York Magazine. (Callum)

Alexa Chung was a muse for artists long before she was actually a muse for designers and artists, it seems. (Carol)

Nice little short on Nowness about Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama (Emily)

The Guardian has done an investigation into the 70 million comments left on its site since 2006 as part of a series about online harassment. (Beccy)

The Holiday magazine’s Tumblr is full of complete gems. (Callum)

This is a short film about the problem with designs that tell you to do the opposite of what it is meant to. For example, a push door with a pull handle that then needs a sign to say push. Apparently these are called "Norman doors” after Don Norman who wrote a book called the Design of Everyday Things. (Julian)

A great short film about Keith Haring. (Will)

A lecture by Cécilia Knapp who is a writer, performer, poet an facilitator. It’s a really lovely talk about the importance of writing and sharing stories with each other. (Nia)

It’s fun to find out how much celebrities get paid to party – but also to know how the concept of paying them for appearances has evolved so much over time – from O.J to Disick. (Ellen)

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