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Bow down witches, it’s a Best of the (cob)Web Halloween special!

It’s Halloween on Monday, which means costumes, scary films and getting the heebie jeebies are the order of the weekend in the lead up to the big day. Whether you’re keeping it real with some wholesome pumpkin carving and apple bobbing, or getting monster mashed up at a party, take a read of this week’s spooky edition of Best of the Web – a Halloween special to get (and scare) you in the mood. No tricks here just treats galore with a monster game from Animade, a creepy playlist from Burger Records, and gif-themed competition from Giphy.

I’ve been enjoying Superdeluxe’s Lazy Hallowe’en Costumes illustrations by The Factory Kids, such as the Sock Drawer that involves stapling socks to your sweat. (Connor)

Animade has made a monster making game for Stella McCartney’s Stellaween. (Simon)

Check out this pumpkin being carved with a high-pressure water pump. (Beccy)

Stuck for a Halloween outfit and all of the fancy dress shops are sold out? Good sht for WaterAid commissioned illustrator Ruan van Vliet to create some costumes using only things found in the bathroom. (Owen)


Giphy and Animation Block Party: Giofween gif by Erma Fiend

Giphy and Animation Block Party hosted Gifoween, a Halloween-themed animation loop contest. (Jenny)

Ecto-1 has arrived in London and Minicabit are offering people a ride in the converted hearse this Saturday. (Owen)

Burger Records’ Halloween mix. Sweet. (Simon)

Get your Halloween hair and make-up did in Giffgaff’s pop-up salon today in London’s Soho. (Jenny)

Super Deluxe is a “community of creative weirdos making videos” so it seems fitting that they’ve made this Halloween video (above) that’s the right mix of odd, gross and naughty. (Bryony)

Photographer Wilson Hennessy has turned trick or treaters into oddly distorted images, by shooting familiar costume-clad figures through a pane of straight reed obscured glass suspended above the masks. (Owen)

Book and flower shop Worm London is creating Doom Blooms for Halloween. You can choose one of their three scary words, Nits, Trump and Gluten (below), or make you own, to be spelled out in funeral flowers and delivered to your victim. (Jenny)


Worm London: Doom Blooms

And now for something a bit more wholesome: Mayku is showing us how to make a pumpkin candle using the FormBox desktop vacuum former, as if we needed more reasons to want one. (Jenny)

Cinefix has retold the classic 1978 horror film, Halloween as an 8-bit video game version (below) chock full of scary, but cute, pixel action. (Beccy)