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Best of the Web: Trump inauguration protest special

It goes without saying that today will go down in history as one of the most parlous of modern times. In the week leading up to Trump’s inauguration, the art and design world has responded in both poignant and hilarious ways; here’s a few of the most notable the team has spotted.

Dazed reported artist Richard Prince returning £36,000 to Ivanka in protest to Trump. (Beccy)

… and its follow-up opinion piece discusses whether you can truly disown art.

Gorillaz released a new video yesterday for Hallelujah Money, “to serve as commentary on a politically-charged, historical moment”. It’s already had 2.5 million views (at time of publication). (Lucy)

The Amplifier Foundation sent out an open call for art and posters ahead of the march, to arm protesters and “amplify their message”. In eight days they received over 5,000 submissions. (Eva)

Nasty Women is an exhibition in Queens, New York City, taking on Trump. (Ellen)

The Working Assembly is offering these posters in support of The Women’s March on Washington and across the US. (Owen)

True dat, Jack Sachs. (Jenny)

lets smear unity all over this man's repugnant face 

A photo posted by Jack Sachs (@jacksachs) on

Glenn Ligon’s One Black Day (II) artwork will be lit today at the Studio Museum Harlem to mark the last day the first black president of the US holds office. (Jenny)

Time Out has reported anti-Trump protesters dropping banners on London’s bridges, using slogans like “Build Bridges Not Walls” and “What Happens Next Is Up To Us”. (Simon)

Joe from Boiler Room and his friend Alex Cooper have made Top Trump Trumps, “a new card game that really is against humanity”. (Bryony)


Lots of women are knitting pink pussy hats to wear during the women’s march. Both cute and empowering. (Simon)

Trump, party of one. (Raine)

And finally, here’s Life Accordion to Trump. (Owen)