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Best of the Web: World Photo Day 2016

On 19 August 1839 the French Government purchased the patent for the daguerreotype process and announced it as a “free gift to the world” – World Photo Day commemorates this event. We decided to change Best of the Web slightly this week and have asked everyone at 21 Downham Road to suggest the work of a photographer that they like.

Thomas Prior (Jamie M)

Japan last month

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Daniel P Shea (Ali)

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Ina Niehoff (Jamie G)

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Carl Kleiner (Georgie)

A photo posted by Carlkleiner (@carlkleiner) on

Juno Calypso (Nia)

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Colin Dodgson (Lucy)

vape ☁️

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Richard Mosse (Charlie)

Pari Dukovic (Tim)

David Luraschi (Manda)

Giles Duley (Will)

Kyle Thompson (Eva)

#art #gas #burn #fire #horror #scary #photography #kylethompson

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Nadav Kander (Owen)

Asger Carlsen (Jamie M)

Lost & Found.

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